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WinMacro ( is a simple Macro recorder/player for Windows that uses windows hooks to record and replay mouse and keyboard actions that you perform on the desktop. It is similar to the macro functionality present in applications like Word and Excel, only that the actions it records are global and not restricted to a specific application.

WinMacro can be used to automate everyday tasks that are repetitive - things like starting a bunch of applications when the system boots up, repeated copy pasting etc.. It is also quite useful as a rudimentary UI testing application, allowing you to run tests that exercise specific parts of the GUI.

  1. Simple GUI with just three buttons - Record, Play and About
  2. Option of ignoring mouse actions during recording
  3. Multiple playback options, including repeated playback and modified playback rate
  4. User configurable hotkeys to start recording and playback
  5. Status indicator on top right corner of desktop to show recording/playback status.

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