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Nov 20, 2009 at 2:41 PM

Three additions that would make the macro work nicer.

1) How about the ability to easily add a pause/delay into the macro?  I have some software that I want to operate a macro on at lightning speed (setting speed to 0).  However, my software application at one point takes longer to move to the next step (inserting a dialog box to click) then the macro does causing the macro to run past the clicking of a button and causing the macro to operate inproperly.

2) Adding the ability to have an if then else statement.  If a dialog box come up, click the box.  Else, continue with the macro.

3) Adding the ability to speed up or slow down the macro at certain points within the macro.  I believe my issue 1 could be resolved by adding this.  I would simply slow down the macro and allow the application to catch up and add the dialog box before again speeding the macro back up for the remaining steps.


Thanks, and great little application.